Chip lasers

RedChip technology allows realisation of compact high performance ‘chip’ laser modules. The chip laser modules are unique in producing high peak-power, perfect beam-quality lasers that are engineered to emit at discrete wavelengths covering a broad spectral region.

The chips are manufactured via a laser inscription process to fabricate low-loss embedded waveguides in a high-quality laser doped glass. Monolithic cavities to achieve Q-switching and modelocking are integrated with the chips to result in robust modules.

Our vision

To drive the global adoption of affordable high performance and compact laser systems.

Did you know?

Chip lasers open up both mid-infrared and high peak power and they are:

  • Compact
  • Efficient
  • Robust

Want to know more?

At Red Chip Photonics we are more than a little passionate about our lasers.

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