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Er3+ Active Yb3+Ce3+ Co-Doped Fluorozirconate Guided-Wave Chip Lasers

 Abstract - We report efficient 1.55-µm laser operation in a waveguide chip laser femtosecond-laser inscribed in bulk fluorozirconate glass. The ternary doped glass is composed of erbium as the active laser ion, ytterbium sensitizer, and cerium to enhance the branching ratio from the pump to the erbium upper laser state. We have achieved slope efficiencies up to 25%, with a low 100-mW threshold. To meet diverse application requirements, we also report the wide tunability of 1507–1593 nm, and large single-transverse-mode Gaussian beam-output from the 55 µm diameter waveguides. 

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Efficient 2.9 μm fluorozirconate glass waveguide chip laser

Abstract -  We report a large mode-area holmium-doped ZBLAN waveguide laser operating at 2.9 μm, which was pumped by a 1150 nm diode laser. The laser is based on ultrafast laser inscribed depressed cladding waveguides fabricated in uniformly rare-earth-doped bulk glass. It has a threshold of 28 mW and produced up to 27 mW of output power at an internal slope efficiency of approximately 20%. 

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Ultrafast pulse generation in a mode-locked Erbium chip waveguide laser

Abstract - We report mode-locked ~1550 nm output of transform-limited ~180 fs pulses from a large mode-area (diameter ~ 50 μm) guided-wave erbium fluorozirconate glass laser. The passively mode-locked oscillator generates pulses with 25 nm bandwidth at 156 MHz repetition rate and peak-power of 260 W. Scalability to higher repetition rate is demonstrated by transform-limited 410 fs pulse output at 1.3 GHz. To understand the origins of the broad spectral output, the laser cavity is simulated by using a numerical solution to the GinzburgLandau equation. This paper reports the widest bandwidth and shortest pulses achieved from an ultra-fast laser inscribed waveguide laser. 

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Widely tunable short-infrared thulium and holmium doped fluorozirconate waveguide chip lasers

Abstract - We report widely tunable (»260 nm) Tm3+ and Ho3+ doped fluorozirconate (ZBLAN) glass waveguide extended cavity lasers with close to diffraction limited beam quality (M2 »1.3). The waveguides are based on ultrafast laser inscribed depressed claddings. A Ti:sapphire laser pumped Tm3+-doped chip laser continuously tunes from 1725 nm to 1975 nm, and a Tm3+-sensitized Tm3+:Ho3+ chip laser displays tuning across both ions evidenced by a red enhanced tuning range of 1810 to 2053 nm. We also demonstrate a compact 790 nm diode laser pumped Tm3+-doped chip laser which tunes from 1750 nm to 1998 nm at a 14% incident slope efficiency, and a beam quality of M2 »1.2 for a large mode-area waveguide with 70 µm core diameter.

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Versatile large-mode-area femtosecond laserwritten Tm:ZBLAN glass chip lasers

Abstract - We report performance characteristics of a thulium doped ZBLAN waveguide laser that supports the largest fundamental modes reported in a rare-earth doped planar waveguide laser (to the best of our knowledge). The high mode quality of waveguides up to 45 um diameter (~1075 μm2 mode-field area) is validated by a measured beam quality of M2 ~1.1 ± 0.1. Benefits of these large mode-areas are demonstrated by achieving 1.9 kW peak-power output Q-switched pulses. The 1.89 μm freerunning cw laser produces 205 mW and achieves a 67% internal slope efficiency corresponding to a quantum efficiency of 161%. The 9 mm long planar chip developed for concept demonstration is rapidly fabricated by single-step optical processing, contains 15 depressed-cladding waveguides, and can operate in semi-monolithic or external cavity laser configurations.

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